How to Crack / Prepare for SSC Scientific Assistant Exam 2017 ?

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Prepare SSC Scientific Assistant Exam 2017

If you have searched for “How to Crack SSC Scientific Assistant Exam ?” then I am sure you already know that Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is going to conduct examination  between 20th November 2017 to 27th November 2017 (Tentative). Even if you don’t know much, no worries because you got me and I will be writing everything that you need to know about SSC Scientific Assistant Exam. Here’s how you can Prepare SSC Scientific Assistant Exam

prepare ssc scientific Assistant exam

Check the Notification here

This SSC recruitment is taking place for 1102 vacancies for the post of Scientific Assistant in Indian Meteorological Department (IMD).

IMD Estb. in 1875, is an agency of the Ministry of Earth Sciences of the Government of India.

Again this is one of the exam which would be taken by lakhs of students, but the applicants will be less in number as compared to SSC CGL, because everybody is not an CS/IT/Electronics Engineer. This is an advantage here.

And Admit cards will be available 2 weeks before the exams starts.

SSC Scientific Assistant Exam Pattern (Latest) :

SSC IMD exam takes place in two parts. See the Exam pattern below . It will be an Online test.

Part I – General Intelligence ( further 4 sections)
Part II – Subject Specific (1 Section)

PartsPaperNumber of Question Time
Paper IReasoning25 (25 Marks)120 Min.
 Quantitative Aptitude25 (25 Marks)
 General Awareness25 (25 Marks)
 English Comprehension25 (25 Marks)
Paper II
  • Physics
  • CS & IT
  • Electronics & Communication
100 (100 Marks)

Paper II will be having 3 Optional Subjects and you need to choose only one out of these three.

  1. Physics
  2. Computer Science & information Technology
  3. Electronics & Communication

Also, There will be a negative marking of 0.25 marks on each wrong question.

This 200 marks exam will be followed by an Interview of 100 Marks. Combined marks will decide whether you got selected or rejected.

SSC Scientific Assistant Exam – Selection Process

Selection will be made on the basis of Marks obtained in Objective paper & Interview. In case of Tie up Commission will follow these rules in the selection process to select the candidate.

  1.  Total marks (Part I & Part II)
  2. If Tie in Total Marks, Whoever score more Part II (Subject Specific) will get the Position.
  3. If Tie up in Part II, then Marks obtained in Part I
  4. If equal marks in Part I, then Date of birth, with preference to older candidates
  5. And so On, Alphabetical order of the first name as entered in the application form

SSC Scientific Assistant Exam Syllabus in detail:

Syllabus for Part I – Here’s in-depth syllabus for all four sections of part 1 paper

  • Reasoning – Relationships, Observation, Discrimination, Problem Solving, Space Visualization, Analogies, Similarities, Differences,  Analysis, Visual Memory, Decision Making, Arithmetical Reasoning, Judgement, Verbal and Figure Classification, Arithmetical number Series etc.
  • Quantitative Aptitude – Percentage, Fractions, Geometry, Algebra, Linear Equation (Graphs), Profit & loss, Ratio & Proportion, Number system, Discount, SI & DI, (Questions on Sqr root, cube root etc.), Averages, Partnership, Allegations & Mixtures, Time & Work, Time & Distance, Bar diagram & Pie charts.
  • General Awareness –  Current Affairs, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Maths), History (Ancient, Medieval, Modern), Geography of India, Economics & Polity
  • English Language & Comprehension – Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary,  Error finding, Synonym, Antonym, Fill in the blanks

Syllabus for Part II – Click here to download In depth Syllabus for Part II

  • Physics – Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Radiation, Sound, Waves & Oscillations, Optics, Electricity, Magnetism, Atomic Structure, Electronics
  • Computer Science & Information Technology – History & Classification, Operating System, Memory, File System, Programming fundamentals, Input / Output System, Assembler, Database Management System, Internet Technology, Fundamentals of GIS (Geographical Information System)
  • Electronics & Telecommunication – (i) Electronics (ii) Telecommunication (Download Pdf)

Let’s have a look at few numbers from Previous years SSC Scientific Assistant Exam details

YearVacanciesCandidates AppearedPaper- I (UR)
(Cut Off)
Paper-II (UR)
(Cut Off)
Final (UR)
(Cut Off)
2011465Approx. 1900085 /100177.50 /200241.75

This (2011) was the last time SSC took exam for IMD Scientific Assistant. Paper 2 was of 200 marks and this time it is of 100 Marks. This is the only change in pattern as per the advertisement.

Three Golden rules to clear the SSC Scientific Assistant Exam (This thing applies to all govt exam)

  • Cover the Syllabus
  • Practice (Most Important factor)
  • Time Management while attempting Questions in Exam

(1) How to Prepare for Sections or Cover the Syllabus? And From Where? Keep reading to know..

Unlike in Bank Po exam, where the candidate needs to meet the cutoff for each section separately. Sectional cutoff is doesn’t apply here. You can prepare well for those sections you are good at. But looking at the competition preparing well for all the sections is very much necessary in order to get a job.

  • English Section : English section makes a huge difference. Generally candidates take this subject very lightly. They think  “oh, ye to easy subject hai. Exam me dekh lenge”. This very thinking leads them to the failure. If it would be easy, SSC would have never included this section. This is one of the most scoring section if you prepare well. You must not leave even a single question from this section. And you must not answer the question if you have no idea about the question. And to know all the answer, Prepare well for the section.Broadly, You need to cover 3 Sections very well. Grammer, Vocabulary & Comprehension.
    Grammer – This will help in finding Error, Cloze test, Fill in the blanks, Active Passive etc. In grammer you need to know about all the special cases, all the grammatical rules. And you literally need to work hard.For Example, considering 2 sentences
    1. Being Ill, I Could not come ( This sentence is correct)
    2. Being a rainy day, I could not come ( This Sentence is Wrong)
    Many of you don’t know why the second sentence is wrong, that’s what you need to find in grammer. Anyway this was a very simple example, there’s alot more in grammer to learn. Grammer is full of Special cases and you must know all.
    General English – SP Bakshi (According to me it is best book for English Grammer) and Paramount English notes ( I found these notes be very helpful)
    Vocabulary – This portion will help solving Cloze test, Synonym, Antonym, Fill in the blanks, Comprehension etc. You can not improve your vocab overnight or simply reading a book full of words. Vocab can only be improved by reading newspaper, Magazine articles, remembering new words and revising them regularly. However there is a very useful book that you must read to improve your Vocabulary. It will reduce your 40% effort and put you in a habit of learning new words. Another nice thing about this book is that it is not boring at all.
    Word Power Made Easy – Norman Lewis (Best book to Improve Vocab)
    Comprehension – It is all about Practice and Improving Vocabulary
  • Reasoning – This is also very scoring section and it is very much different than that of any Bank exam. You need to find what topics could fetch you maximum marks. Prepare those topics well. Questions in Reasoning are very confusing / misleading. So you need to read the question carefully before answering. And do not make unnecessary assumption by yourself specially in reasoning. For Example – If question says “Cat is a bird” it means cat is a bird, don’t get into reality and think cat is an animal.
    Few Books to prepare Reasoning are
    (i) Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning (R S Aggarwal)
    (ii) Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Hindi (Kiran Publication)
    (iii) Analytical Reasoning (M K Pandey)
  • General Knowledge – Again an Important section. And this is a very vast subject but very less time consuming. This is the section that makes a huge difference in scoring. Remember you are not the only one who is preparing for this exam. If you are reading this, it means somebody else had also read this. And they also have the access to right source of preperation. They will also cover the same syllabus. But when it comes to GK section, there is not defined syllabus. If you have covered ‘topic A’, it is possible that others haven’t covered this topic. And if the question comes from topic A, you will be able to answer it and many other’s won’t. And the Opposite is also true. So this section is a mixture of Hard word + Luck. You have no control over luck but you can do hard work. If you do hard work , luck will come by itself.Anyway, coming back to topic. GK made up of two parts. Current Affairs and Static GK. Current affairs means what’s happening in our country currently, govt policies, govt schemes, what govt is doing in what state, etc. Static GK is what you have read in your school days in books. SSC generally ask more questions from static part. But it doesn’t mean this ssc will ask more from static this time. SSC may ask more from any part. Another thing that need to show while preparing is “smartness”. They makes questions that is difficult to answer. Commission knows that students are taking coaching classes, preparing from websites etc. So they don’t ask questions what you have read in coaching classes. Infact coaching classes are just to learn “how to prepare” not “what to prepare”.  Example :- A news article says “Indian Navy successfully test fires Barak missile from INS Vikramaditya…” . It is not necessary that SSC will ask a question “Indian Navy fires which misslie from INS Vikramaditya? “
    SSC May ask “Which one of the Missile is air-to-air Missile?” Options (a) A Missile (b) B Missile (c) Barak (d) D missile. Now you know how to prepare a topic from GK section. Sources of Preparation:
    For Static GK –  if you have enough time read all topics from NCERT Book (6 to 10 class) else cover important topics
    For Current affairs – Best source is Newspaper or GK Today Website
    For Revision (Revision is important) – Lucent’s GK – Click here to buy from flipkart
  • Quantitative Aptitude – This is the section that takes 40-45% of the time. It means the questions that you need to answer in 15 minutes will take 20-25 minutes (Big Problem). You can clear this section only if you are able to reduce the time consumption. Which in turn can be achieved only by knowing tricks and doing a lot of practice. If you have ever prepared for IBPS PO/Clerk or SBI PO/Clerk Exam, you will be able to attempt SSC Quant section easily. And if you haven’t , you need not to worry. I will tell you the sources.
    To be very honest you won’t find shortcut tricks in any book, however you can find basic methods to solve the problems (but basic is not enough for exam), if you are good at cramming and have a sharp memory you can buy M.Tyra – Click here to buy . This book is full of math shortcuts & tricks. This book simply explain if situation is “this” apply “this” trick. You need to remember all the cases and all the related tricks. Or you can Join Live sessions by (MeritShine)Meritshine – They haven’t published the videos on SSC Scientific Assistant exam, however they have plenty of videos on SBI PO Exam, which you can glance through to prepare for SSC Quant (First look at the previous paper and know the pattern of question). They have the explaination in depth but you don’t need to go in to that deep. Quant in SSC is comparatively easier than SBI PO. I personally like maths tricks by meritshine.

(2)  Practice – That makes a man perfect (People generally ignore this, most important factor)

Preperation Tip
This is the most important factor that directly affect your result. I have seen people ignoring this step and they end up joining some other coaching center. It doesn’t matter what book you read, what coaching center you go, they will clear the basics and tell you tricks which you can learn for free on youtube. Merely knowing the tricks will not take you to the other side of the river. You need to learn how to apply those tricks, where to apply those tricks. You need to master the tricks and that you can achieve only be practice.Instead of buying a book filled with rules, explanations, methods buy a book that has variety of questions to solve. Take online Quiz. Solve many questions to develop a habit of solving questions on tips. The more you practice, the less time it will take in the examination. Take Mock test or sample test regularly to find where you are lacking. You can buy GKP’s SSC Scientific Assistant Practice Sets. You can also find plenty of questions to solve on SSC Adda . . . That’s It.

(3)  Master Time management.
Time management

Mastering the time management is as important as practicing. As I said “more you practice, less time it will take” . So if you practice, that will definitely give you time bonus. Second factor for mastering the time management is to choose the questions carefully while taking the exam. I’ll explain, you will get 100 questions to solve in 60 minutes.It means you have 36 Seconds to solve a question. Practically it is impossible to solve 100 questions in 60 minutes. Remember you don’t have to create a world record. Prelims is just qualifying, you just need to reach cut off marks. In the worst case cut off will touch 60. So you need to select easiest 60 questions out of 100.
For example, A set of DI will ask you 5 questions. It is possible that you will find all 5 question be easy. Or 3 easy & 2 difficult or 1 easy 4 difficult. You need to attempt all 5. Just glance through, in couple of second decide which one is easy, attempt it and skip the others. That is called time management.

Overall Sources to prepare Paper I of SSC IMD Scientific Assistant Exam

EnglishGeneral English (For Grammer) – SP Bakshi –  Click here to Buy
Vocabulary – Norman Lewis- Click here to Buy
Revision – Paramount Coaching Notes – Click to Buy
QuantMagical book on Quicker Math – M. Tyra – Click here to Buy
Online videos by Meritshine – Click here to watch 
ReasoningVerbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning- R S Aggarwal – Click here to Buy 
Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Hindi – Kiran Publication – Click to Buy
Analytical Reasoning – M K Pandey- Click to Buy
GKStatic GK – NCERT (6 to 10) – Click to Read online for free
Current Affairs – Newspaper / Click to read online for free

Revision – Lucent’s GK – Click here to Buy
Practice Online for Free – Click here
GKP’s Practice Set – Click here to buy Online

Now comes the SSC IMD Scientific Assistant Exam Paper II 

Questions asked in this part are more of technical nature. And definitely this part will affect your rank. To clear this part you must have enough knowledge to answer the questions, then only you will be able to clear the exam. Again this is the section which will cover maximum marks so your primary focus should be on this section. You have to practice very well to clear this section.

Here’s are the books that you can go for, to prepare part 2

Physics 1. NCERT of class 11 & class 12 – Click to read online
2. Physics (Part I & Part II) – HC Verma – Click to Buy
Science & IT 1. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems – Kang Tsung Chang – Click to Buy
2. Handbook of Computer Science & IT – Surbhi Mitra – Click to Buy
3. NCERT (Computer Science of Class 11 & 12) – Click to read
Electronics & Comm. 1. Handbook Series of Electronics & Communication Engineering – Arihant’s – Click here to Buy
2. Objective Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering – Neetu Singh – Click to Buy

All the BEST!!

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