9 Points to Remember If You are Thinking of A Govt Job in India


9 Important Points you must Read before you start preparing for Govt Job in India

All those who want to get a Govt job in India, must read these points before start preparing for an exam.  This will help you save your precious time and your parents’s hard earned money.

1. Realize your Aim. This is a very important step. It is important to analyze your capability and decide what exactly you want to be in your life. If you have no aim, no goal, you will reach no where.

2. Know everything about the job profile ( Duties, responsibilities). Next step is to know everything about the job profile. When you know everything about the Job profile you get to know the importance of that position.And during preparation always keep in mind those things that you will achieve after you clear the exam. This thing will keep you motivated. Self motivation is very important to clear any govt exam or to get a govt job. Generally students start preparation with too much aggravation and in couple of months they just dump everything. And some students prepare irregularly (Means prepare 2 months and skip 1 month, prepare for another 1 month and skip 2 months) , they take couple of attempts, get frustrated, feel boredom and say “this is too difficult”. Exam is not difficult, difficult is to keep yourself motivated, difficult is to be regular and punctual in your preparation. So if you start preparing for any exam, and gets frustrate in couple of months or couple of attempts, just don’t stop preparing. Keep yourself motivated and trust yourself.

3. Read the Prescribed syllabus carefully. Analyze all Subjects. Analyze the topics you are weak in, and also the topics you are Good in and make a table. As you need to work hard on the topics you are weak in. If you have 2 tier exam (Prelims and Mains), take them altogether. Do not think like “first I will prepare for pre and if I get through I will prepare for mains” . This statement means you don’t trust yourself and you are not going to prepare well. Have faith in yourself and take both tiers together. Two reasons why should prepare for both tiers together (i) You won’t have enough time to prepare for mains (ii) However the syllabus is approximately same but you find more difficult questions in mains. So if you prepare for the hard exam (Main) you will be able to clear the easier one (Prelim) without any difficulty

4. Analyze time. Analyze how much time you have for the upcoming exam and how much time you need to prepare for that particular government exam. Make a time table and decide your study hours in a day and stick to that time table. This will help you complete your syllabus or preparation on time.

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5. Division of Topics. Divide your topics from all the subjects in the days you have to prepare. Prepare all the subjects altogether For e.g if you have subjects and have 5 hours a day to study. Then read all 4 subjects for 1 hours, in the last hour revise what you have studied and practice some questions. Because if you prepare subjects one by one, and when you reach to subject 4, you will forget everything that you have studied 1st subject. There you will take more time to revise 1st subject.

6. Study Material. Find the right and authentic source to prepare for the govt exam.Do not multiple publisher’s books for one subject. Watch Youtube videos, there are plenty of videos on Youtube where you can learn tricks. Remember buying more and more books will not get you through. Buy less books and make sure whatever study material you are buying contains relevant content.

7. Practice Often as it will improve your performance and will increasing your speed in answering the question. Afterall, govt exams are all about knowledge, Speed and Time Management.

8. Join test Series. Prepare for a week and take test on Weekend. This will help you find your where you are lacking and will help you find your weaknesses and it is very important to mitigate weaknesses.

9. Take Regular Mock test for atleast last 20 days before the examination.Doing this will improve your accuracy and will help you find where will you stand in the real examination.

All these point will contribute towards your govt job preparation. I got these points from those candidates who already cleared some or other government exam. And I am sure if you trust yourself, be serious and punctual and prepare for the exam properly, you will get through.

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